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Our son and daughter have been with Elite TKD for a few years now and their confidence and self esteem have grown tremendously. The program encourages self discipline in a positive and supportive environment. Master Kim is highly respected and has taught our kids valuable life lessons, which we are grateful for. Both he and his staff are very professional and friendly. It’s been amazing watching them accomplish each belt milestone. We highly recommend Elite TKD.

The Tavenner Family (Evan and Landon) – Gilbert, AZ

001We have five children and they all love taekwondo.  Two of them started and within a month the other two that were old enough at the time begged to start taekwondo as well.  Our 4 older children are black belts, and our youngest daughter is now well on her way to black belt. We love that Master Kim reinforces the values that we have tried to instill in our children:  respect, goal setting, giving your best effort, perseverance.  I could go on and on.  We have been involved with 3 studios in the time that our kids have been studying taekwondo, and EliteTaekwondo School is the best for many reasons.  First, Master Kim fosters a very positive environment where the students feel comfortable trying new things that are challenging.  Secondly, the focus and concentration they have developed in taekwondo has translated into better grades and behavior at school.  Thirdly, Master Kim is the one teaching the classes with the help of great instructors instead of just the instructors teaching the classes.  Lastly, Master Kim teaches real life self defense that gives the students confidence and gives us peace of mind.  Master Kim inspires his students to try their best, and they willingly give their all.  I am very happy that we found Elite Taekwondo School, and we have enjoyed meeting many other families that do taekwondo.

Brian and Jennifer Ewell, Parents of taekwondo students: Joe, Alyson, Jacob, James, and Rachel – Gilbert, AZ

2As the mother of three daughters, of course, I worry about their safety, now and as they get older.  It comforts us to know our oldest daughter will be a black belt by the time she is on her own in college. But aside from the physical conditioning, Tae Kwon Do develops self-confidence, assertiveness and respect in children and adults alike. I had the good fortune of meeting my husband in a Tae Kwon Do class back in college.  He was 6 months away from achieving his black belt and I was a beginner.  While Jim got his black belt, my focus became my family, but I always wanted to resume my training. About 6 months ago we were invited to a birthday party at Elite Tae Kwon Do School. I was very impressed with Master Kim and Instructor Meredith and thought it was the Perfect opportunity to take lessons with my

girls.  Master Kim is a great teacher, friendly and encouraging, he brings out the best in his students at all ages. Teenagers and children often use celebrities as role models, and there seem to be fewer and fewer positive ones. That’s why I’m especially grateful to Instructor Meredith and Keaton for being great examples for my girls.  Any woman who can break boards and cinder blocks with her bare hands is a person I want my girls to emulate.

The Provins Family(Jim, Diana, Kyrs, Kathlyn & Carista) – Chandler, AZ

3Many activities focus our family’s attention in different directions: Our jobs, 3rd grade activities, 1st grade activities, individual hobbies, etc. Because of this, we are very happy we discovered a healthy fun activity that brings our family together. At family Tae Kwon Do classes, we can exercise together and encourage each other as we work to improve our individual strength levels. Our family finds Tae Kwon Do to be a great way to establish and meet personal health goals. We are grateful we met Master Kim and Instructor Meredith because we did not have prior experience in martial art classes. The instruction has been amazing! With each class we are improving our flexibility, mental stamina, and strength. The program is a fun way to make exercise a “family priority.” We really enjoy the classes taught by Master Kim at Elite Tae Kwon Do School. The instruction is consistently positive, dynamic, challenging, and supportive.

The Beckman Family (Daniel, Christy, Bridget & Elliot) – Gilbert, AZ

4Elite Tae Kwon Do School has brought a much needed balance in our family lives. With the obvious benefits to one’s mind, body, and spirit, Tae Kwon Do brings a vital connection in our family dynamics. The development of our children’s physical skills, coordination and positive attitude is invigorating. The adult class has enabled us to meet honest and good people with the same desires to improve ourselves. Master Kim and Instructor Meredith are wonderful and strong role models. We always look forward to our next class!

The Villegas Family (Riz, Chona, Jonah & Zach) – Gilbert, AZ

5Our son Joshua started in Tae Kwon Do when he was seven. When the school closed down, we weren’t sure we would find an instructor as good or as patient as the one we’d had. It took several months before we were ready to start looking for another school. After making several calls, I found Elite Tae Kwon Do School. I appreciated that we were able to have two weeks of private instruction so we could see if Josh and Master Kim were a good fit. I also appreciated that the fee for the private class was a donation to the Make a Wish Foundation.

After just the first class, my husband and I knew that Elite Tae Kwon Do would be a good school for our son. The first school was a good start, but ETS is a school that will take him beyond whatever could have accomplished at the other school. There is more structure, more emphasis on self-discipline and respect, and more attention to learning the correct way to do things than there was at the other school.

Beyond the obvious benefits of participating in a sport, Joshua now has more self-confidence. Being here has given him the opportunity to learn how to be a leader and how to encourage the other students. On top of that, we believe the physical activity has helped our son overcome his Crohn’s Disease.

Master Kim and the other instructors are friendly, but firm. Master Kim takes the time to call the parents to see how the students are doing at home. He encourages the students to listen to their parents and excel in their studies. He emphasizes setting goals, not just in the area of Tae Kwon Do, but also in other areas of life. There is a camaraderie among the students of all classes that is strengthened by shared graduation ceremonies and an occasional social gathering.

Of all the schools we could have chosen, we believe we made the best choice in placing our son at Elite Tae Kwon Do School.

Joe and Michelle Gregory, Parents, Mesa, Arizona

6Nicholas Bornhoft became a student of Elite Tae Kwon Do School when he was 4 years old. Today Nicholas is 7 years old; he will be 8 this December. We, as a family, are so proud of Nicholas for all of his hard work and accomplishments. He just entered the Masters Club. Our family is so blessed to be a part of this great school. Master Kim (and his instructors) are the best! We are looking forward to the next challenges ahead.

Dan Bornhoft, Parent of Tae Kwon Do Student – Gilbert, AZ

7We are very fortunate to have found Master Yu Kim at Elite Tae Kwon Do School.

My husband and I had toured 3 other Tae Kwon Do Schools before we found Elite.  We were looking for a school so that our daughter Kylie could continue her training of 2 years.  Not one school came close to Master Yu Kim’s Philosophy! Kylie has been under Master Yu Kim’s instruction now for 5 months.  She has learned more in the last 5 months than what she learned in the past 2 years at her previous school.  As parents sitting and observing, we have also learned a lot as well.

Master Yu Kim is very dedicated to his students and expects the students to give their ‘Best Effort’.  Because of his high expectation’s Kylie and her classmates try very hard to please, which makes for good competition and an energy fun filled class.

We are very excited for our daughter’s future at Elite Tae Kwon Do School.  Kylie loves to go to class and is eager to learn. She really tries to give her ‘Best Effort’ and as parents that is all we can ask for.

Thank you Master Yu Kim for your outstanding dedication to Kylie and her classmates, it really makes a huge difference and it really shows!”

Stephen and Jill Gontarz, Parents of Tae Kwon Do Student – Gilbert, AZ

8“Not only is Master Yu Kim the best youth instructor I’ve ever been acquainted with… he’s positive roll model/influence for children. My son’s confidence, grades, respect and athletic ability has increased in a very short period of time. I’d recommend Elite Tae Kwon Do School to any parent for their child.”

Tom and Stephanie Watson, Parents of Tae Kwon Do Student – Gilbert, AZ

Screenshot_3My boys love going to Tae Kwon Do class and have great respect for Master Yu Kim. They are not only learning to defend themselves but have also learned to be more confident. They have learned so many skills from Master Yu Kim and they are having fun too. Master Yu Kim is excellent with the kids. The ultimate goal of our boys is to reach black belt and I know that with the instruction of Master Yu Kim they will reach that goal. I am so glad that I found Master Yu Kim and his Elite Tae Kwon Do School.

Ramona Koch, Parent of Tae Kwon Do Students – Gilbert, AZ

10We are very fortunate that we discovered Master Yu Kim and his Elite Tae Kwon Do School for our two daughters! Everything about him and his school is highly professional – from the way he relates to his students and the parents, to the way he runs each class, to the way he operates the business end of his school.

As parents, we appreciate Master Yu Kim’s commitment to reinforcing values and character traits that we teach at home. He emphasizes putting forth one’s best effort and working hard to achieve goals. It is wonderful to watch when the children know they have done a good job in class and when Master Kim tells them that he can see their effort and concentration “in their eyes”! Children feel great about their accomplishments when they’ve had to work hard for them. Self esteem is earned, so confidence is gained through Master Yu Kim’s Tae Kwon Do classes.

He also speaks frequently with his students about being respectful, kind and disciplined, and he supports parents with phone calls home to check that his students are practicing these important character traits regularly. Of course, it certainly helps when children hear how important these traits are from someone to whom they look to as such a positive role model!

Master Yu Kim provides wonderful encouragement, support, and excellent instruction to our girls. It is obvious that he has spent a great deal of time preparing the curriculum and activities for each class so that new forms and techniques are presented clearly. Because he is highly organized in the presentation of each class and he has high expectations of his students, they receive maximum learning time and practice each time they go to class. As a parent, you can be confident there will be no time wasted! He truly is a master teacher.

We are so grateful that our girls have Master Yu Kim as their Tae Kwon DO instructor. He is a good person, an exceptional teacher, and a wonderful role model!”

Kim and John Palermo, Parents of Tae Kwon Do Students – Gilbert, AZ